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Integrating HP NonStop with the HP ArcSight SIEM platform for event tracking/reporting

April 23 2012

With compliance standards like PCI-DSS, HIPAA, and SOX making complete visibility into all data records and security events a must, you need a solution provider who can address and meet the challenge. HP now offers XYGATE Merged Audit on NonStop servers as part of the HP NonStop OS Security bundle. Merged Audit can now send NonStop data to the ArcSight SIEM Platform so you can collect, analyze, assess, and report on security and risk event information for your entire enterprise from a single interface. HP ArcSight is the market‑leading SIEM solution that provides data collection for your entire enterprise. In 2011, it was the highest rated SIEM vendor in the Gartner magic quadrant.

The XYGATE Merged Audit solution is available on your mission-critical NonStop servers and collects security events from NonStop server sources such as Safeguard, EMS, ODBC, ACI BASE24 applications, and the HP Home Location Registry (HLR) application. These events are passed to the ArcSight SIEM Platform, so that NonStop events are included in the consolidated data center tracking.

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