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XYPRO – Boot Camp ScanVenger Hunt

December 21, 2017 • XYPRO Technology

HPE NonStop Boot Camp is a big deal here at XYPRO. While it is a time for business, it is also a time for old friends to come together and for the Nonstop community to advocate the platform they love. Each year we invest in new ways for our company to engage with the attendees, both on a personal level and one that goes beyond your typical sales engagement. We want to have real relationships with our customers and share fun experiences that leave lasting impressions.

We achieved just that at this year’s Boot Camp. Using our ScanTrivia interactive game wall, attendees were able to scan QR codes that lead to trivia questions and scavenger hunt tasks around the Hyatt and all of San Francisco. The game went better than we could have expected.  In the end, it was a close race between 4 participants to stay on top of the leader board. The last QR code was given in our final session, just minutes before we announced the winner, Lise Lotte of Swedbank was able to secure her win.





Congratulations to Lise Lotte! Enjoy your New IPhone X!