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Top 5 XYPRO Security Blogs of 2015

Exceeding your NonStop security, compliance and encryption needs for over 30 years.

Top 5 security Blogs


Exceeding your NonStop security, compliance and encryption needs for over 30 years.


At XYPRO we believe in exceeding your security needs. We not only provide our customers with the tools and solutions needed for enterprise security, we make it a goal to inform and educate using blogs and technical articles that speak to every level of a security team. Here are our TOP 5 blogs of 2015 based on overall readership statistics compiled and collected as well as positive comments and feedback. If you missed them the first time around, here’s your chance to see them all in one place.

          Businesses are managing more data than ever—and spending more money, year after year, to protect that data. Yet spending money on security doesn’t equate to actually being secure.

A recent study by Osterman Research discussed how prevalent the “shelfware” problem is becoming. The report showed that businesses spent an average of $115 USD per user on security software, hardware and services in 2014, an increase of 44% from 2013, yetnearly 30% of that security investment was underutilized or never implemented.

              As a vendor of HPE Integrity NonStop Server security solutions, it’s a positive thing to hear a customer say their focus on security is right up there and even ahead of availability and performance.  The revelation that unscheduled downtime is more acceptable than a security breach is not only a sign of these modern times but a continental shift in priorities for the majority of companies that rely on fault tolerant, mission critical servers.

Thieves have begun turning their attention to the 3 trillion dollar a year Healthcare Industry, whose data is turning out to be worth more than credit card numbers. The Healthcare Industry has not only seen a sharp uptick in the amount of large, widely publicized data breaches, but also in the value of the data stolen.

The HPE Integrity NonStop server, with its unique fault tolerant features, high availability and mission critical capabilities, is often in a pivotal position in the healthcare industry and is therefore a prime consumer of medical data. With so much at stake and the ramifications of a healthcare breach so damaging, what can be done and why isn’t more being done about it?

We all wear multiple hats when it comes to cyber protection and security awareness. We must protect ourselves against both internal and external threats, inform our legitimate users about what not to do, sniff out those looking to harm the rest of us. It’s an ongoing effort that requires teamwork. Make sure your team is educated, motivated and armed with the knowledge and tools necessary to do their part and they will.

Our Top 5 XYPRO Security Blogs of 2015 would not be complete if we did not include our biggest news of 2015, the announcement of XYGATE SecurityOne™!

Criminals are constantly finding new and clever ways to exploit security defenses. Security providers must drive the innovation necessary to counter these attacks to protect business operations and data. The strategy that worked yesterday probably won’t work tomorrow. That’s why XYPRO is looking beyond what’s there today.  To innovate and develop the solutions that protect you and your business from threats – today and tomorrow.

XYPRO is proud to announce XYGATE SecurityOneTM.  A brand new product that provides a comprehensive, single pane of glass approach to control and contextualize HPE Integrity NonStop server security through policy management, data protection and security analytics.  The result?  Meaningful reduction in the Mean Time To Detection.

XYPRO delivers security without compromise.


XYPRO’s robust XYGATE suite of security software solutions ensures whatever security objective you need to achieve, we have the right tool available.  XYGATE modules provide industry best security.


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