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Expert customer service for mission critical, complex environments.

XYPRO Technical Customer Support

We provide expert customer service for mission critical, complex environments running XYPRO Security software products. XYPRO Customer support is dedicated to YOUR success and aims to provide quick, honest, and professional technical support to help your organization remain compliant with today’s evolving security and compliance standards.

We offer support for customers that have registered an account with our Customer Center. If you haven’t already, please register to get access to our support library.

Customer Care Center Features

Customer Portal

Create and manage support cases using our exclusive customer portal.

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Download and install the latest versions of our XYGATE Modules.


Learn the ins and outs of our products and services with detailed documentation.


Use our resource explorer to navigate and download customized resources.

Security Notifications

Stay up to date on the latest vulnerabilities that may affect your environments.

FAQ & Glossary

Find answers to frequently asked questions and learn our acronyms and terms.

To facilitate deployment of information security tools and procedures, XYPRO offers a variety of professional services. Our services range from security reviews and implementations to incident troubleshooting, security education and product training. XYPRO’s services allow businesses to better manage security risks via a security infrastructure that protects company information and assets through a policy-based security implementation.

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