Professional Services

Efficient and fully implemented

XYPRO – PRO Services Data Sheet

Specialists in HPE Integrity NonStop server software since 1983, XYPRO provides the tools to achieve security compliance in a NonStop environment. The XYGATE FPO security solution ranges from Access Control, User Authentication, Authorization and Identity Management to Compliance and Audit Reporting, Security Configuration Assessment, Integrity Checking, Database Management and FIPS 140-2 Validated Encryption. The mission of the Professional Services group is not only to service the XYPRO suite of products, but to make security administration as painless, efficient and robust as possible.

PCI XPress Service

The “P” in PCI Doesn’t Have to Stand for Painful

XYPRO’s PCI Xpress Service is a comprehensive offering covering all aspects of PCI compliance as it relates to your NonStop server. Our professional services team will work with your staff, both onsite and from our facilities, to assist you in becoming as secure and compliant as possible. The package includes software and services to get your NonStop server compliant with 10 of the 12 PCI Data Security Standard requirements. PCI compliance made simple.

Merged Audit (Audit PRO) Service

You May be More Compliant Than you Think

XYGATE Merged Audit (XMA) is automatically included with all Integrity NonStop servers. Installation and setup of Merged Audit, immediately puts you in compliance with several PCI DSS regulations. XMA and XYGATE Event Monitoring (XEM) manage Safeguard, EMS, XYGATE, BASE24 OMF and HLR audit sources and intelligently merges them together to form a single database. Our team is here to assist you with setup and configuration, filtering, alerting, reporting, data retention, monitoring, education and support. Regardless of how complex your auditing needs are, we can help.

Safeguard PRO Service

The Safeguard PRO software package unites all the Safeguard enhancement modules in one convenient package. The Safeguard PRO service installs and configures all the software in this package in the customer environment leveraging the considerable experience of the Professional Services team.

Compliance PRO Service

No system is every truly secure, but with the Compliance PRO service, XYPRO can help customers by performing a Security Configuration Assessment. This service can be customized from a onetime review up through a complete security assessment and implementation project designed to comply with specific rules and regulations.

Access Pro Service

Allowing the operations staff to do their jobs while maintaining accountability and accessibility is key in any enterprise. The Access PRO service installs and configures the XYGATE Access Control,
Process Control, $CMON, Spooler Utilities, and enables auditing down to the keystroke for maximum accountability. Allow us to configure access for every user by job function.

Validated Database PRO Service

Partnering with Merlon, XYPRO can now make your routine database management simpler as well. The Merlon toolkit helps manage routine database management, report generation, space and performance management, even tracking and control of SQL query plans. Allow our Professional Services team to install, configure and train your database team on this set of tools and free them up to focus on bigger picture issues.