Standard Learning

Learn to use XYGATE products.

This is a one-week series of courses designed for those who have at least a basic knowledge of the HPE NonStop security environment and want to acquire the essential knowledge needed to secure the NonStop environment using the XYGATE suite of security software solutions. The table below shows the course sequence.

  • Introduction to XYGATE
  • XYGATE Compliance PRO Fundamentals
  • XYGATE Merged Audit Fundamentals
  • XYGATE Access Control Fundamentals
  • XYGATE Safeguard Manager Fundamentals
  • XYGATE Object Security Fundamentals
  • XYGATE User Authentication Fundamentals
  • XYGATE Password Quality Fundamentals
  • Open Lab

Upon completion of these course, you will have learned how to use XYGATE products to:

  • Research the security on your HPE NonStop server, report the information found, build policies that monitor the state of the security rules in your environment, and compare your existing security against supplied PCI, SOX, HIPAA and standard best practice policy recommendations.

  • Eliminate the need to share powerful user IDs such as SUPER.SUPER and eliminate the need for PROGIDing programs while maintaining individual user accountability through auditing down to the keystroke level.

  • Gather, filter, monitor, report, and alert security related events from Safeguard, EMS, XYGATE, BASE24, and HLR.

  • Control command-level access within a subsystem command interface.

  • Enhance user authentication, object security, and password quality.

  • Manage the Safeguard environment

Refer to the XYGATE course descriptions for course details including objectives and course topics.