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Identity & Access Management

Addresses fundamental HPE NonStop security requirements and eliminates problematic issues.

XYGATE Access Control (XAC)

XAC acts as a sentry between users and programs or utilities. Based on configuration settings defined in XAC’s Access Control List (ACACL), user requests to programs or utilities are granted or denied.

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XYGATE Safeguard Manager (XSM)

XSM intelligently incorporates all of the ease-of-use functions and visually-appealing design capabilities of a GUI with the complex and syntax-intensive SAFECOM single command interface to produce a friendly, accurate and extremely efficient Safeguard management console.

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XYGATE Object Security (XOS)

XOS is a comprehensive solution for securing all aspects of your NonStop system. Rather than trying to manage with static, reactive Safeguard mechanisms, XOS provides dynamic rules that can vary based on the characteristics of each access attempt.

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It’s recommended that every NonStop system use a $CMON either written by the customer or supplied by a third-party (such as the XYGATE supported $CMON module). When a $CMON is present, messages are sent to the $CMON to verify logon requests and process start requests.

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Professional Services

Partnering with XYPRO Professional Services guarantees the products are effective, efficient and fully implemented. From project management for our products and services to training and support, our aim is to ensure your operational readiness and security.

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