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Database Management

XYPRO offers Merlon Software Corporation’s database management software solutions on a global scale.


SQLXPress is a graphical database management solution that enables users to connect and manage a NonStop database. With SQLXPress, users have access to a range of database management features and functions available in industry-leading management solutions.

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Merlon Auto Reload System (MARS)

MARS examines NSK database files on a regular basis to determine whether they need to be reloaded for optimal performance and disk space consumption. Files that require reloading are automatically reloaded according to a schedule established by the user.

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Discover is a disk storage management tool for HPE Nonstop systems. It is designed to reduce storage management costs, and to reduce the risk of unplanned application outages due to disk resource problems.

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Partner works by examining the records in a file partition and grouping them according to their primary key values. Each group represents a subset of the records in the file.

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Professional Services

Partnering with XYPRO Professional Services guarantees the products are effective, efficient and fully implemented. From project management for our products and services to training and support, our aim is to ensure your operational readiness and security.

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