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Data Protection

Encrypt interactive sessions, transaction sessions, file transfer sessions, files, databases, and/or columns.

XYGATE Data Protection (XDP)

XYGATE Data Protection (XDP), in partnership with HPE Security Voltage, is Enterprise-wide Format Preserving Encryption (FPE), Secure Stateless Tokenization (SST) and Key Management. No keys to manage, store or distribute.

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XYGATE Host Encryption (XHE)

XHE provides encryption to any TCP/IP communication session. This includes any Telnet, FTP, RSC, ODBC, etc. server application. The encrypted session is negotiated transparently, as the client establishes sessions with its corresponding server.

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XYGATE Key Management (XKM)

A software-based solution for generating and securely storing key data.

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XYGATE File Encryption (XFE)

XFE is a contemporary tool for securing files and content, protecting data from point of origination to the destination system regardless of the type of communications media encountered or the number of computers the data passes through.

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XYGATE Secure Shell (XSH)

XSH introduces three major components of information security to the NonStop OSS world; authentication, encryption, and integrity. While users may not realize it, telnet, rlogin, ftp, and other such programs transmit passwords in the clear.

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Professional Services

Partnering with XYPRO Professional Services guarantees the products are effective, efficient and fully implemented. From project management for our products and services to training and support, our aim is to ensure your operational readiness and security.

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