XYGATE User Authentication (XUA)

Single Sign On user authentication on HPE NonStop Servers

XYGATE User Authentication (XUA), now included with all new HPE NonStop orders, allows NonStop servers to integrate into an enterprise’s SSO environment, thereby simplifying provisioning and management of NonStop users. Users can now access all of their authorized systems, including NonStop servers, using a single user ID and password. The user benefits from the simplicity of authentication while the administrator benefits from a reduced user ID and password maintenance burden. Overall, security is improved and costs are reduced for the enterprise with XUA.

XUA supports OpenLDAP, Active Directory, RADIUS, and RSA SecurID multifactor authentication. It also extends the NonStop server’s authentication capabilities to support logon controls based on attributes such as time, location, or requestor, and generates comprehensive authentication audit data. All authentication activity is captured in the XUA audit log. XUA can capture audit data in up to nine different locations and formats. The audit data is also collected by the XYGATE Merged Audit software and can be reported, alerted, and transmitted to your Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solution.

Features / Benefits

  • Enterprise SSO participation through LDAP and Active Directory client interfaces
  • Support for RSA SecurID tokens and RADIUS authentication
  • Logon controls based on ancestor program, requester program, port or IP address, time of day
    or day of week, or current logged-on user
  • User impersonation support to reduce need for sharing sensitive user passwords, for
    example—ability to log on as SUPER.SUPER but provide the individual user’s password
  • Authentication controls customized at the user or group level
  • Enhanced logon event audit collection and reporting capabilities
  • Integration with SIEM solutions through XYGATE Merged Audit

Simplify User Authentication & Management

XUA is designed to support greater flexibility and control, providing more effective and streamlined user authentication for your enterprise HPE NonStop servers.

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