An Integrated set of Management Tools for HPE NonStop SQL Databases.

SQLXPress is an easy-to-use Windows based Graphical User Interface for comprehensive management of HPE NonStop SQL databases. It has a modular architecture and can be configured to support SQL/MX, SQL/MP, or both.

SQLXPress provides comprehensive support for managing large, complex database environments. The solution is an essential companion product for NonStop SQL. It is an integrated set of tools specifically designed to work with SQL/MX version 2.3 or later and SQL/MP version 350. SQLXPress’s modular design offers tools for database administrators, software developers, quality assurance analysts and technical support staff.


SQLXPress user activities are recorded in an audit trail. The Auditor Graphical User Interface is used to configure the audit subsystem and to run audit reports. SQLXPress Audits are fully integrated into XYGATE Merged Audit (XMA), which is already present on all HPE NonStop servers.


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  • Auditing subsystem records user activities, and provides summary and detailed audit reports
  • Fully supports SQL/MX and SQL/MP
  • Provides support for all DDL operations
  • Includes support for execution plan capture, display and reporting
  • The Visual Query Tuner supports tuning queries to improve query performance
  • Tracks changes automatically in SQL modules execution plans
  • Tracks SQL module use by programs
  • Provides a two-way object relationship browser
  • Enables commands to be applied to multiple objects at once using wildcards
  • Compares table or view definitions
  • Provides partition management, including “partition boundary” key analysis
  • Allows users to browse tables, views and queries
  • Enables users to insert, update and delete rows
  • Exports data to CSV files, XML files, and SQL tables in other databases (like Oracle or MySQL)
  • Imports data from CSV files, XML files, Enscribe files, and SQL tables in other databases
    (like Oracle or MySQL)
  • Creates queries graphically
  • Supports statistics management including backup and copying statistics

Simplify & Streamline Your Database Administration

SQLXPress is the next generation easy-to-use Windows based Graphical User Interface for comprehensive management of SQL/MX plus MP including Schemas, Tables, Indexes, Partitions, Browsing, Queries, Import/Export, Database Parameters and more.

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