XYGATE Secure Shell (XSH)

Provides a myriad of secure tunneling capabilities, as well as a variety of authentication methods.

Supplies remote access and encrypted file transfer to and from the OSS environment of the NonStop server. With the rising popularity of OSS on the NonStop platform, the need to secure remote connections and file transfer has grown. The standard UNIX programs “rlogin” and “rsh” are inadequate for these tasks. XSH implements OpenSSH, providing immediate benefits to the NonStop user community. OpenSSH is based on the Secure Shell protocol suite of network connectivity tools that savvy Internet users rely on.

XSH introduces three major components of information security to the NonStop OSS world; authentication, encryption, and integrity. While users may not realize it, telnet, rlogin, ftp, and other such programs transmit passwords in the clear. XSH encrypts all traffic (including passwords) to effectively eliminate eavesdropping, connection hijacking and other network-level attacks.

Security Features

  • Strong encryption port forwarding (encrypted tunnels for legacy protocols)
  • Strong authentication
  • Compliance with SSH 2.0 protocol standards
  • SFTP client and server support
  • SCP client and server support
  • Data compression

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