XYGATE Safeguard Manager (XSM)

An intuitive Windows interface to manage all your HPE NonStop Safeguard, OSS, and SQL/MX security.

XYGATE Safeguard Manager (XSM) Windows interface enables security administrators to view, add, delete and change any Safeguard, OSS and SQL/MX security parameters for one or more HPE NonStop servers in a network. XSM’s intuitive functions and visually-appealing user interface interprets the complex and syntax-intensive SAFECOM, OSS and MXCI single command interfaces to produce a friendly, accurate and extremely efficient security management console. With full access to all OS and DB security subsystems, XSM is not limited to the Guardian file subset. XSM fully supports the management of your Safeguard, OSS file system, OSS ACLs, as well as NonStop SQL/MX security parameters.


  • Simplified User Administration
  • Separation of duties and roles
  • Easily search, sort, filter, change, print, export and email your Security information
  • Compare User & Alias information across your NonStop network
  • Centralized remote password maintenance
  • Flexible reporting
  • Centralized personnel database (PDB)

Manage native HPE NonStop security they way is was meant to be managed.

XSM intelligently incorporates all of the ease-of-use functions and visually-appealing design capabilities of a GUI with the complex and syntax-intensive SAFECOM single command interface to produce a friendly, accurate and extremely efficient Safeguard management console.

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