XYGATE Object Security (XOS)

Vastly improve the object access security of your NonStop sever, within both Guardian and OSS, and simultaneously eliminate complex and arcane Access Control Lists (ACLs).

True or False: Implementing comprehensive and flexible security on NonStop requires complex security rules and configuration settings?
Answer: False!

Ever increasing demands and requirements for higher levels of security are the norm for almost any business today. In the typical NonStop environments of financial services, payments and healthcare, these demands are even greater. Sensitive files, data and objects must be available to those applications and individuals that need it, but must be fully secured against those that do not.

Achieving this level of security for your NonStop server does not need to be complex or difficult. XYGATE Object Security (XOS) takes NonStop object access authorization to a whole new dimension.

Safeguard and OSS Security were developed in the 80’s and 90’s when security was less of a priority foroperating systems than it is today. Both have been improved over the years but still retain their original security infrastructure, and constraints, through the use of Access Control Lists (ACLs).

With NonStop systems rapidly growing, more data objects, and more users all needing some level of access to information, the task of setting and maintaining security with these ACLs grows exponentially to the point of being nearly impossible to achieve and impractical to accomplish. Not to mention the effective doubling when two unique operating systems (Guardian and OSS) are used, with vastly different security fundamentals.

XOS, on the other hand, takes a completely different and modern approach to securing NonStop objects. By using rules rather than ACLs, access is granted or denied based on a positive intersection of an object set rule with a user set rule.


  • Complete support for both Guardian and OSS
  • Simple yet powerful role-based access rules
  • Dynamic functional user groups
  • Powerful wildcarding to allow for greater applicability of rules without adding complexity
  • Testing options to verify configuration before deployment
  • Additional security vectors of Rename, Give, License and ProgID
  • Alias support in ACLs
  • Multiple masks
  • Control remote access to files in OSS

XOS is self-documenting, so there is no more searching diskfiles or volume and sub-volume ACLs to determine why access to a file was denied or granted. Moreover, all security rules are located in a single file and you can add your own comments.

Using the Safeguard Authorization SEEP (Security Event Exit Process) and the OSS Nameserver SEEP, XOS enables enforcement of security dynamically as requests are made for access to resources based on custom pre-defined rules according to your security policy.

Secure all aspects of YOUR NonStop System.

XOS includes a GUI interface to assist with creating and maintaining the simple user and object rules which govern it’s security implementation.

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