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SQLXPress Integration with Merged Audit

SQLXPress, from Merlon, audits the activities of its users. Both online and batch processing activities are audited and the activities activities include logon, logoff, SQL statement execution, scripted MXCI commands, SQLCI commands, program launches and more. An inherent lack of auditing capabilities within both NonStop SQL/MP and SQL/MX make SQLXPress an ideal solution for capturing these activities and the XMA SQLXPress mover enables the integration of this audit within the NonStop security environment and beyond to the enterprise

  • A single repository for audit data
  • Acceptance of audit records from multiple sources
  • Single-server or multi-server view
  • A customizable reporting tool
  • A filtering mechanism to extract selected data
  • An event monitor can display any event or item in near real time based on customized filters built by the user
  • User-definable alerts