HPE ArcSight SIEM Integration with Merged Audit

Resolving your enterprise security & compliance challenges

XYGATE Merged Audit (XMA) is a sophisticated tool that produces activity reports for security audits. It is an easy-to-use product that collects and filters data from various system logs into a single, normalized SQL database to generate reports. It can also send alerts to help you monitor security activities on your system.


Since 2010, HPE has offered XYGATE Merged Audit on NonStop servers as part of the HPE NonStop OS Security bundle.  Merged Audit also sends NonStop data to the ArcSight SIEM Platform so you can collect, analyze, assess, and report on security and risk event information for your entire enterprise from a single interface.  HPE ArcSight is the market-leading SIEM solution that provides data collection for your entire enterprise.

Key Features / Benefits

  • A single repository for audit data
  • Acceptance of audit records from multiple sources
  • Single-server or multi-server view
  • A customizable reporting tool
  • A filtering mechanism to extract selected data
  • An event monitor can display any event or item in near real time based on customized filters built by the user
  • User-definable alerts

XMA has been shipping as part of the NonStop security bundle since 2010, so chances are high that you already have XMA on your system. For more information about XMA and how it integrates with the HPE ArcSight SIEM platform, please contact your XYPRO Sales Representative.

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