AJB Retail Transaction Switch (RTS) Plug-in for Merged Audit

Advances in Security Auditing for RTS

The ability to track and review all activity on the HPE NonStop server is a requirement that is no small task as businesses must quickly identify suspicious activity. To help their customers meet these security standards, HPE bundles XYGATE Merged Audit (XMA) with the NonStop Operating System.

XMA is an easy to use product that collects and filters data from various audit logs into a single, normalized SQL database on the NonStop, from which you can generate reports. It can also send that data via SYSLOG to integrate seamlessly with Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) devices like ArcSight.

As security in payments processing becomes more challenging, businesses must capture every event going on within their system while also trying to accommodate steady streams of new information, transactions, channels and technologies. XYPRO has created a plug-in for XMA that enables event capture for the Retail Transaction Switch (RTS) software from AJB Software.

Key Features / Benefits

  • A single repository for audit data
  • Acceptance of audit records from multiple sources
  • Single-server or multi-server view
  • A customizable reporting tool
  • A filtering mechanism to extract selected data
  • An event monitor can display any event or item in near real time based on customized filters built by the user
  • User-definable alerts

XMA has been shipping as part of the NonStop security bundle since 2010, so chances are high that you already have XMA on your system. For more information about purchasing the RTS plug-in, please contact your XYPRO Sales Representative.

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