XYGATE Merged Audit (XMA)

The Source for HPE NonStop Security Audit Data

As cyber crimes grow more sophisticated every year, new laws are being passed and existing security standards are being enhanced to require companies to prove that they have implemented appropriate steps to secure sensitive data. Securing data and resources properly requires protecting confidentiality, integrity, and availability. However, to pass formal compliance audits and prove that your business secures its data appropriately, you also need to be able to report on the security-related activities occurring on your system.

HPE understands that for their customers, a breach in security not only means financial penalties and losses, but also loss of business reputation and bad publicity. HPE NonStop customers need to verify that security rules are being followed and receive alerts promptly when problems arise. To make this easier, XYGATE Merged Audit (XMA) ships with the HPE NonStop Operating System. XMA is a sophisticated audit collection solution that produces activity reports for security audits. All orders for HPE NonStop J-Series and L-Series servers include XYGATE Merged Audit, along with XYGATE User Authentication as part of the basic software suite included with the system.

Key Features / Benefits

  • A single repository for audit data
  • Acceptance of audit records from multiple sources
  • A single or multi-server view
  • A customizable reporting tool
  • A filtering mechanism to extract selected data
  • An event monitor to display any event or item in near real time based on customized filters built by the user
  • User-definable alerts
  • Audit data streaming to the HPE ArcSight SIEM
  • ACI BASE24 & BASE24-EPS information (optional plug-in)
  • HPE Home Location Registry (HLR) events (optional plug-in)
  • AJB RTS events (optional plug-in)

Closing the Security Gap.

HPE NonStop customers who wish to upgrade their existing systems can purchase an OS upgrade package that includes XMA software and entitles them to new versions of the product going forward. XMA also continues to be available for purchase direct from XYPRO.

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