Merlon Auto Reload System (MARS)

Merlon Auto Reload System

The Merlon Automated Reload System (MARS) provides a mechanism for monitoring and correcting database degradation. MARS continuously monitors the health of key-sequenced database objects using advanced data sampling techniques and reloads those objects when appropriate. Reloads are performed on-line, while the application continues to run.

Upon detecting that a file is disorganized, MARS will reload it without operator intervention and with minimum system overhead. MARS can be configured to ensure that critical database files are reloaded in the correct order for the application.

MARS continuously monitors system resource usage. If system resource usage exceeds configured thresholds MARS will suspend online reloads. When system activity subsides reloads will be resumed.


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Key Features / Benefits

  • Improve Database Efficiency
  • Reduce Query Response Times
  • Reduce Costs
  • Avoid Operator Errors
  • Reload Objects Automatically
  • Flexible Reload Criteria
  • Configurable Reload Schedule
  • Track Activity History

Improve database performance, safely!

XYPRO uses MARS in-house to manage a growing number of SQL and Enscribe objects in our multiple environments. It improves performance and greatly reduces the amount of time normally allocated to database maintenance.

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