XYGATE Key Management (XKM)

Software-based solution for generating & securely storing the key data necessary for XEL & XFE to operate.

Enables centralized or decentralized static key generation and management on the HPE NonStop server system and a subset of key management functions for remote hosts running on a variety of hardware platforms. Works with XYGATE/FE; can be adapted to streamline static key management for hardware crypto devices.

Key management can be the most complex aspect of encryption. Updating, tracking and maintaining keys and their status in an enterprise environment can be time consuming, complicated and error-prone. Encryption PRO includes the XYGATE Key Manager (XKM) component, a software-based solution for generating and securely storing the key data necessary for XEL and XFE to operate.

Secure Key Management

XKM simplifies one of the most complex areas of data encryption – the handling of encryption keys – in a safe and secure manner, ensuring that all necessary key data is safely stored and protected.

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