XYGATE Host Encryption (XHE)

XYGATE Host Encryption software in an all-inclusive solution set for encrypting any incoming or outgoing TCP/IP communications session with HPE NonStop servers.

Acting as a proxy between users or machines and the HPE NonStop server, XHE transparently negotiates encrypted sessions between clients and servers, providing secure Telnet, HTTP, FTP, RSC, ODBC and any other TCP/IP communications protocol.

As a powerful added benefit, XHE also provides extensive FTP command control and auditing capabilities in addition to ensuring secure communications using SSL.

When secure encrypted sessions are required for legacy Windows applications that do not support encryption, XHE can be used in cooperation with XYGATE SC (XSC) to fully enable secure encrypted sessions on Windows clients or servers.


  • Address compliance regulation for secure communications for any TCP/IP session
  • Meet “Least Privileged Principle” requirements by enabling the restriction FTP activity to specific
    commands and system locations
  • Guarantee accountability with comprehensive audit of all FTP activity performed on the HPE
    NonStop server
  • Eliminate costly development and support of Windows applications requiring encryption with
    HPE NonStop servers by employing XSC with XHE


  • Encryption support for any TCP/IP communications
  • “What If” and “Warning Mode” for easy testing prior to deployment
  • Create public key certificates or use certificate authority certificates
  • Support for IPv6 addressing
  • FTP command control
  • FTP activity audit
  • Session IP address storage for use with other products

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