XYGATE File Encryption (XFE)

Protect data files for secure online storage and backup.

XYGATE FE is a File Encryption solution that protects data at rest and in transit. To meet a variety of security requirements, XYGATE FE runs on multiple computer platforms (HPE NonStop, UNIX, HPUX, Windows, IBM zOS mainframe, and more) and may be deployed using fixed encryption keys or with XYGATE KM (Key Manager) for centralized static Key Management capabilities.

Protecting data is of the utmost importance and XFE supports the protection of multiple forms such as ASCII and EBCDIC and allows for varying strengths of encryption depending on the level of protection desired.

Data protected by XFE remains secure whether the data is being stored, transmitted, or backed up, ensure your data is protected regardless of its location.


  • Does not require knowledge of encryption algorithms, techniques or procedures and automateskey management functions
  • Software-based 168-bit Triple DES.
  • A flexible, efficient and cost effective alternative to single-protocol mechanisms or hardware
  • Allows extension of trust perimeter over public networks without risking the privacy of data
  • Protects data files regardless of the number of computers or types of communications media
    encountered between sender and recipient
  • Scales efficiently to support high-volume file traffic

File Encryption with Optional Static Key Management

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