A proactive solution for disk and file management on HPE NonStop servers.

Managing disk files is an important part of a comprehensive systems management strategy. Good file management practices can reduce the risk of application outages, and reduce the amount of disk storage used.

Effective file management is labor intensive. To reduce the human effort required, automated tools must be used. While automated operations can perform many file management tasks, there are many tasks that require human judgment.

Discover implements an effective file management strategy which blends automation with human involvement.

Discover monitors disks and files on a NonStop server. When it detects an existing or potential problem it schedules a corrective action. Corrective actions can be totally automated, semi-automated, or manual. Semi-automated actions are implemented using worksheets which allow the system administrator to review and approve actions before they are implemented.

Discover detects a large number of problem conditions such as file full, disk full, corrupt files, and orphaned files. Additional custom conditions and corrective actions can be defined to implement site-specific file management policies.


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  • Avoids application outages due to disk and file problems
  • Reduces costs
  • Avoids operator errors
  • Predicts file full and disk full conditions before they happen
  • Frees up wasted disk space
  • Automates corrective actions
  • Supports review and signoff of actions by the system administrator
  • Flexible configuration of problem conditions and corrective actions
  • Windows Graphical User Interface supports configuration, monitoring, and control

Discover provides a safe and efficient mechanism for monitoring disk resource usage on HPE NonStop servers. It replaces manual methods of tracking disk and file growth, reduces the risk of human error, and frees up operations and support staff for other tasks.

Proactive Disk & File Management

Discover audits all actions associated with a worksheet. An audit trail is provided and can identify which user was involved in each stage of a file maintenance task, including task identification, review, sign-o and execution.

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