XYGATE Data Protection (XDP)

Data-Centric Security

Most IT departments have extensive perimeter-style security solutions in place to protect the most sensitive data within a company, but the statistics show that many organizations will be breached in spite of these protections. If such a perimeter breach does happen, it’s critical that any sensitive data is fully protected. Additionally, with recent breach reports showing that most data breaches still originate from inside the enterprise, a “perimeter only” approach is extremely risky.

XYGATE Data Protection (XDP), in partnership with Voltage SecureData by Micro Focus, provides Enterprise-wide Format Preserving Encryption (FPE), Secure Stateless Tokenization (SST) and Key Management. No keys to manage, store or distribute.

XDP can support data of any format, including credit card, social security, bank account, DOB and other PII data, such as that processed by healthcare systems. The solution also maintains format rules, such as credit card check sums, reducing impact on applications that process the sensitive data.

When deployed with XDP, Voltage SecureData Secure Stateless Tokenization (SST) can be implemented with no changes to your existing applications or databases. Contact your XYPRO Sales Representative to discuss whether you need Enscribe, HPE NonStop SQL/MP and/or SQL/MX supported versions.

XDP intercepts all NonStop file I/Os, seamlessly encrypting or tokenizing data as it is written to disk, and decrypting or de-tokenizing data as it is read from disk. This is particularly useful for applications that might be legacy or are too risky to change.

The XDP Software Development Kit (SDK) can be used by customers wishing to make application or database changes and to take advantage of the XDP SDK’s load balancing and scalability benefits


Key Benefits

  • No Database Changes
  • No Application Changes
  • True Enterprise Scalability
  • Quick Implementation
  • Lower Risk
  • Lower Cost

Key Features

  • Supports all NonStop databases – Enscribe, SQL/MP and SQL/MX
  • Protects all data types, both payment and non-payment related
  • Supports Native (code 800) & non-Native (code 100) applications
  • Supports applications in any HP NonStop-supported language
  • Nowaited/non-blocking encryption calls
  • No Keys to manage, store or distribute
  • Built-in access control and auditing

XDP optimizes the HPE Security – Data Security solution

  • Simplifies the HPE Security – Data Security Implementation
  • Enhances the HPE Security – Data Security functionality
  • Integrates HPE Security – Data Security into the NonStop security framework
  • Adds NonStop database-specific tools for HPE Security – Data Security

Protect YOUR Sensitive Data

XYGATE Data Protection provides encryption for just about any type of data or communications on or between computer systems. XDP is the ideal solution for protecting both data in transit and data at rest.

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