XYGATE Compliance PRO (XSW)

Automated Security Compliance Analysis and Monitoring for the HPE NonStop™ Server

XYGATE Compliance PRO (XSW) is the culmination of more than 35 years of HPE NonStop server security experience packaged in an integrated compliance analysis and monitoring solution. XSW collects pertinent security configuration data from all HPE NonStop system components and compares this data against industry best practice, corporate policy, regulatory standards, and any custom security requirement. This comparison process identifies differences between expected and actual security and reports non-compliance items.

Here are just a few ways XSW makes an HPE NonStop auditor’s day easier and more effective:

  • Allows auditors and administrators to easily discover, describe and monitor their HPE NonStop security policy right from their desktop.
  • Compares and controls implementation of security compliance across major events like system upgrades, application deployment, etc.
  • Provides security views to HPE NonStop files, users, aliases, NetBatch, spoolers, Pathway, Safeguard, Guardian and  OSS files, and directories.
  • Offers rule development and reporting that can be done offline – no HPE NonStop experience required!.

Design and monitor a security policy for a network of HPE NonStop servers with thousands to millions of objects.


Closing the Security Gap

XSW automates the investigation and report generation for security and system configuration information and is the ideal solution to establish, monitor and report on compliance with PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard), GDPR  (General Data Protection Regulation) or your own information security policy. XSW offers System and File Integrity Checking for dassurance that your $SYSTEM.SYSNN, $SYSTEM.CSSNN or any sub-volumes or files have not been modified, added or deleted.

Access mapping discovers access rights between objects and users, using Guardian, Safeguard or XYGATE rules. Quickly locate the rules that apply to a particular objects or all the rules that grant user access.

From data collection to data loading to data analysis, XYGATE Compliance PRO is fully automated and ensures your HPE NonStop servers are always protected.

Key Benefits / Features

  • Automate and enable a continuous security review
  • Pre-configured detection of GDPR and PCI-DSS non-compliance
  • Streamline Your Audits
  • Gain Visibility – Access, Certification and Attestation Mapping
  • File and System Integrity Checking
  • Design Security Policies & Best Practices

Develop & monitor security policy compliance

  • Multi-server data collection & view
  • Exception management
  • Automatic Best Practice analysis
  • System integrity checks
  • PCI compliance analysis, monitoring & reporting

Automate compliance monitoring.

Compliance PRO offers the XYGATE Security Compliance Wizard, (XSW) which allows you to automate the investigation and report generation for security and system configuration information. XSW is the ideal tool to establish, monitor and report on compliance with PCI, SOX, HIPAA or your own information security policy.

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