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XYPRO’s Flexible Worldwide Training Services Go Mobile

June 24, 2013 • Uncategorized

XYPRO has successfully completed two XYGATE training deliveries last month. The first of these was a regularly scheduled class at XYPRO’s advanced training and education facilities in Simi Valley, California which was attended by students from the USA, Singapore, Argentina, and Uruguay and were all interested in the full suite of XYPRO’s security solutions for the HPE NonStop server.

The second of these was an on-demand XYGATE training class in Stockholm, Sweden attended by students from Sweden and Denmark who are new XYPRO customers of the XYGATE Access PRO Suite and XYGATE Merged Audit security software for HPE NonStop servers. This training was provided at the customer’s facilities using XYPRO’s servers in Simi Valley, California. The many advantages of delivering on-site training in this way include significant cost savings for the customer and have no impact on the customer’s NonStop servers!

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Dave Teal
Professional Service Specialist
XYPRO Technology Corporation