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Reloads are from MARS?

May 28, 2013 • Uncategorized

Need a big win in database management? Are you a big time data consumer looking to reduce the load on your database personnel? Want better performance with less I/O and better space management? Reorgs can be a game changer!

DBA’s have a lot on their plate ALL the time. Data management, performance management, application management, security management, you name it. The NonStop server does one thing VERY well: it serves up big data. Whose job is it to see that the beast (database) is fed and cared for? The DBA. Who is responsible for the performance and maintenance of the beast? Same person. Who has to make a time to review the internal structures and ensure the beast is performing optimally? That same guy/gal, of course! Database maintenance is critical to ongoing operations and due to the size and nature of the NonStop database, it is time consuming as well.

If only there was a simple to use tool that could take the load off of the database team and manage the mundane function of analyzing and scheduling reorgs! DBA’s could sleep at night AND focus on way more important things like developing the countless, yet very important, reports everyone seems to ask for every day!

Wait, there is such a tool! MARS – the Merlon Auto Reload System! It won’t mow your lawn or cook dinner, but it will free up enough of your DBA’s day that they can do the important stuff and let the NonStop server do what it does best.

From deciding what needs a reorg, to scheduling and resource management, MARS can do it all.

And, XYPRO Professional services can make it even easier by showing you how to minimize time spent while maximizing database performance.

XYPRO partnered with MERLON (http://www.merlon.com) some time ago to assist our customer base with their database needs. The MERLON suite of products simplifies access to NonStop data and helps automate one of the most time consuming tasks on the system: reorgs.

Index levels too high? Block splits getting you down? Database just not performing like it used to? If you change the oil in your car, why don’t you perform similar maintenance on your database?
Depending on the size and complexity of your NonStop database, the task of deciding what needs maintenance and when goes from too many hours per week to all of them and beyond. NonStop SQL objects (tables and indexes, both MX and MP) have been architected from the beginning to be distributed. This is great for performance (think MAP/REDUCE from them smart boys at Google), but it’s a killer for maintenance. If your tables were one physical object, maintaining them would be a snap, but your performance would be like that of Oracle. Since our objects are distributed, so is our maintenance. Don’t treat all your objects the same, they most likely have unique performance characteristics and require individual attention.

MARS simplifies all this by doing the heavy lifting, sifting and sorting for you. And it will manage your valuable host resources as well. Simply configure it on day one, and let it manage your reload schedule from then on.

Not sure what needs a reorg? Worried about overloading TMF? Not enough scratch tapes in the middle of the night? MARS scans any or all of the structured objects on your host on a schedule that you define and allows you to decide what qualifies for a reload. MARS also does a more efficient job of scanning your structured objects by sampling rather than scanning large objects (again, based on YOUR requirements). MARS currently monitors the following resources and allows operations staff to decide all thresholds for MARS activity: CPU utilization, TMF transaction rate, audit trail capacity, available scratch tapes, and disk dump space.

XYPRO uses MARS in-house to manage a growing number of SQL and Enscribe objects in our multiple environments. It improves performance and greatly reduces the amount of time normally allocated to database maintenance.

Check the XYPRO website for more information. For a demonstration of the power of MARS, contact your local XYPRO sales representative at https://www.xypro.com/contact

Rob Lesan
Professional Service Manager
XYPRO Technology Corporation