NonStop Technical Boot Camp 2018

Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport - Burlingame
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NonStop Technical Boot Camp 2018

November 11, 2018 - November 14, 2018
Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport - Burlingame

The Connect NonStop Technical Boot Camp is the most comprehensive technical education and training event dedicated exclusively to the global Hewlett Packard Enterprise NonStop community. Information and content for this event is driven by NonStop users for NonStop users.


XYPRO Pre-Con Seminars

HPE NonStop Server Security – Implement Two Factor Authentication and Auditing

Rob Lesan – Sr. Solutions Architect, XYPRO Technology

Duration:  2 hours

You already have the tools to be more secure than you may realize! XYGATE® Merged Audit (XMA) and XYGATE User Authentication (XUA) are two key security solutions included with all new HPE NonStop servers.

Join XYPRO for a NonStop TBC Pre-Conference Education session, taking you through configuring XMA for maximum efficiency and implementing XUA for Multi-factor authentication in a NonStop environment, at the same time securing your NonStop against today’s threats and addressing compliance.


How to Build a Modern Cybersecurity Infrastructure

Steve Tcherchian – CISO, Director of Product, XYPRO Technology

Duration:  2 hours

Keeping your most critical assets secure is challenging for any business. Limited staff, budgets and evolving criminal tactics put you at a disadvantage. In this session, we will break down the walls of individual solutions to create a security model. We will walk security professionals through how to secure their NonStop systems and assets using a layered, defense in depth approach to security. Using security solutions provided by HPE and XYPRO (some of which come with the NonStop server), we will discuss how encryption, access control, auditing, analytics, intelligence and more can leverage each other, helping you build the necessary layers to swing the advantage in your favor.


XYPRO General Sessions

Multi-layered Security & Risk Management – Your Very Best Defense

Steve Tcherchian – CISO, Director of Product, XYPRO Technology

In this session, we’ll cover several real-world customer case studies.  We will illustrate how XYGATE SecurityOne’s (XS1) patented approach provided one of the world’s largest financial institutions with more efficient, timely and actionable security information, shaving literally months of time off manual forensic research efforts!    


Database Management – Healthy = Performance

Ken Waterson – Software Developer, Merlon – A XYPRO Company

This session will review the NonStop database reload process and discuss the challenges posed by online database reloads.  We’ll discuss in-depth how those challenges are addressed by the HPE NonStop MARS solution, which automates online reloads of SQL/MX, SQL/MP, and Enscribe key-sequenced files, helps maintain optimal application performance, and recovers unused disk space.  Additionally, the session will review how MARS improves the use of XYGATE Merged Audit (XMA) and assists overburdened DBAs.


Customer Use Cases

Optimizing and Managing NonStop SQL: How Raymond James Financial Gets the Most Performance and Value from NonStop SQL

Srinivas Aaithiyan – Sr. Database Administrator for HPE NonStop System, Raymond James

In this session, RJA will discuss the database management challenges it faces to comprehensively manage NonStop SQL, optimize SQL queries and ensure NonStop SQL databases are highly performant.  The session will look at how RJA uses Merlon’s SQLXPress to save time, increase performance and reduce business risk. Finally, RJA will highlight how it addresses other key areas of database management, including automated database administration and reporting, online reloads, and partitioning.