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XYGATE Merged Audit Plug-Ins (XMA)

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The ability to track and review all activity on the HPE NonStop server is a compliance requirement and in fact, no small task as businesses must quickly identify suspicious activity. To help you meet these security standards, HPE bundles XYGATE Merged Audit (XMA) with the NonStop Operating System.

XMA is an easy to use security solution that collects and filters data from various audit logs into a single, normalized SQL database on the NonStop server, from which you can generate reports and integrate the data seamlessly with Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) devices such as ArcSight.

As security for financial, payments, medical and personal information privacy becomes more challenging and important, businesses must capture and store every event while also trying to accommodate steady streams of new information, transaction, channels and technologies.

To help you address the myriad specific requirements for your mission critical applications, XYPRO has developed several application and solution specific collectors to capture events unique and important to those applications or solutions.