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Use XSW to save time and money for HPE NonStop file reports and compliance

October 14, 2009 • Data Protection

Part 1 of 3

Why would you even think of using DSAP for PCI, SOX, HIPAA or other security compliance reports?  Yes you can create DSAP reports on HPE NonStop Guardian files, such as PROGID, LICENSE, files greater than some size, security settings or owners, but killing hours and hours of your time. Creating these reports for a just a single node would take hours and what you would have is a pile of useless paper! I feel sorry for the wasted trees.

Using XYPRO’s Security Compliance Wizard (XSW) can save you all that grief and time to generate PCI, SOX, HIPAA or other security compliance reports. Don’t waste your time! XSW can automatically create these custom reports for you in minutes, instead of hours or days.  In addition, it can be streamlined to identify only changed files, thus saving many hours of analysis work. XSW can collect from multiple systems and generate combined reports from the multiple systems, something you just can’t do with any other tool.

-Ellen Alvarado
NonStop Security Specialist