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September 28, 2009 • Data Protection

For many years, XYPRO’s security and compliance solutions have been the choice of leading organizations using the NonStop server. While I have met many of you at TUG meetings and Connect events, these venues are too few and far in between to support frequent discussions. So, XYPRO is in the process of opening up several new channels of communications that we believe will let us keep in closer contact with you, our customers and partners.

We are announcing our LinkedIn groupfacebook, and if you want something a bit more real time you can follow us on Twitter. The intent of these channels is to let us provide timely general information to our customer base.

We know that resources are especially tight these days and we want to ensure that we are providing value to our customers in everything that we write. To this end, I am pleased to announce that XYPRO will be publishing several blogs on a regular basis. You can sign up for one or for all of them and our RSS feed will notify you when an update is available.

In “From The CEOs Desk,” I plan to talk about topics of general interest to the NonStop community around security, blades, cloud computing, virtualization, and compliance. This column will be published every month.

The Voice of the Customer will invite guest authors to talk about their challenges and how they have worked to meet them. It will cover real-life stories and real solutions. It may be edgy at times, and customers who cannot speak freely may be published anonymously. If you wish to submit an idea for a customer or topic, or you are a customer with a topic in mind, please send me an email. This column will be published monthly.

The third column we plan to publish should be a very interesting read. Based on the volume and kind of questions that our technical staff receives, they will be putting together a Tips and Tricks column which should increase your productivity and success in meeting your company’s security and compliance goals with XYPRO products. If there is something you just can’t figure out, or want to know if there is a better way to perform a function, this column is for you. It will be published monthly as well.

Finally, XYPRO will participate in many upcoming TUG and Connect events. Some of these are CTUG, DUST, GTUG, INUG, SunTUG, VNUG and the BITUG Security SIG. Our  updated events  list is always available here.

Historically, TUGS have had some pretty interesting names and to launch this column properly, we’re holding a contest. Anyone who sends me an email before October 30th,  with the correctly expanded names of the TUGs listed above will be entered into a drawing for a USB encrypted memory stick. Due to US regulations, this contest is not open to government employees in any country.

Talk to you soon!
Sheila Johnson