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Risk Management, Compliance, Security & Database Management

For over 35 years, businesses across the globe have relied on XYPRO for their security. Companies that manage and transport business-critical data on a large scale select our security & database solutions to harden and streamline their HPE NonStop server environments.

XYPRO is an undeniable industry leader, making us the logical choice for IT experts and business leaders alike. Below are just a few reasons why we stand apart.

End-to-End Security Solutions for the HPE NonStop

Our software products have been developed as a result of solving one customer’s business or technical problem in a way that suits a variety of highly scaled environments. XYPRO’s comprehensive solution offering includes an end-to-end security solution that consists of several specific modules that can be easily implemented into your environment. Whether your business only requires a single encryption solution or is seeking an entire security suite, XYPRO can quickly address your unique needs.

Enhanced Security & Job Performance

XYPRO software addresses fundamental HPE NonStop security requirements and eliminates the problematic issues most likely to concern an experienced security analyst or auditor. Our solutions allow users to successfully and efficiently perform their jobs without compromising any angle of system security. XYPRO customers benefit from functionality such as keystroke auditing, while simultaneously limiting the use of shared resources to only the functions required by each user’s job. With intuitive interfaces, users can select database items from drop-down lists, drag and drop predefined filter items or even write advanced queries. We essentially allow the security administrator, whose responsibilities can span several computer platforms, to take care of the HPE NonStop platform with ease.

Simplified Audit & Compliance

The ability to track and review all activity on the HPE NonStop is a requirement for most businesses today. With XYPRO, companies can seamlessly meet security, audit and compliance requirements across the entire HPE NonStop server network. With our sophisticated audit solutions, businesses can collect, normalize and write audit data to a single SQL database on an HPE NonStop server. They can then identify security threats and weaknesses before they become a problem, as well as prevent security breaches from affecting mission-critical systems.

XYPRO also makes compliance virtually painless by automatically researching the security on your HPE NonStop server, reporting the information found, building policies that monitor the state of the security rules in your environment and comparing your existing security against PCI, SOX, HIPAA and best practice policy recommendations. You can then analyze the data for security, audit and system management information in the current snapshot, compared over time or compared against a set of absolute rules.

World-Class Encryption

XYPRO offers highly flexible and scalable encryption software that makes it easy and efficient to protect sensitive data via standard and strong cryptographic technologies.

XYPRO’s encryption solutions provide encryption for just about any type of data or communications, on or between computer systems. We enable users to encrypt interactive sessions, transaction sessions, file transfer sessions, files, databases and/or fields. Using software-based mechanisms, XYPRO provides encryption HPE NonStop™ servers, Windows®, Unix®, IBM® OS390, Z/OS and more.

What Others Say

"I have evaluated/used many security products throughout my over 30 year career and XYGATE is my favorite."