Trademark Guidelines

Trademark Notices

All brand names, product names and logos used in XYPRO documentation are trademarks, registered trademarks, common law marks or trade names of their respective holders protected by United States and international copyright law and trademark law. The information in this document is subject to change without notice.

“Fair Use” of XYPRO Trademarks

Fair use of XYPRO’s trademarks is limited to text-only references of its products and excludes the stylized XYPRO logo; that is, XYPRO partners and distributors can use or refer to XYPRO trademarks without express written permission or license in their own marketing material and other documentation provided they use the product names and trademarks exactly as this document outlines.

XYPRO Trademarks

XYPRO and the stylized XYPRO logo, and XYGATE and XYGATE product names followed by the ® symbol are registered service marks or trademarks in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. XYGATE product names followed by the ™ symbol are trademarks or common law marks of XYPRO Technology Corporation in the United States of America. The absence or failure to show a trademark in its documentation does not mean that XYPRO Technology Corporation has abandoned trademark protection for that product or does not use that trademark.

The following is a list of XYPRO product names and their trademarks:

XYGATE Merged Audit® (XMA)
XYGATE® Audit Report Manager™ (XRM)
XYGATE® Compliance PRO™ (XSW)
XYGATE® Configuration Manager™ (XCF)
XYGATE® Data Protection™ (XDP)
XYGATE® Encryption Library™ (XEL)
XYGATE® Event Monitor™ (XEM)
XYGATE® File Encryption™ (XFE)
XYGATE® Host Session Encryption™ (XHE)
XYGATE® Key Management Lite™ (XKL)
XYGATE® Key Management™ (XKM)
>XYGATE® Object Security™ (XOS)
XYGATE® Password Quality™ (XPQ)
XYGATE® Password Reset™ (XPR)
XYGATE® Process Control™ (XPC)
XYGATE® Secure Communications™ (XSC)
XYGATE® Secure Shell™ (XSH)
XYGATE® Security and Access Control™ (XAC)
XYGATE® Transaction Router™ (XTR)
XYGATE® User Authentication™ (XUA)