XYPRO Core Values

Guiding all decisions both externally and internally.

Be Reliable & Responsible

Taking responsibility for results is empowering. When you make the effort to ensure you’ve done all you can to answer that question, fulfill that request, meet that deadline or discover the solution to that problem – we all win.

Be the type of person in the type of company on which our customers know they can rely.

Build Positive Communication Channels

Good communication across an organization is always a challenge. Make the effort to ensure you’re effectively communicating. Don’t jump to conclusions about someone’s motive for doing or not doing something – talk to them. Empathy up and down the chain is critical. When we trust each other, the customers can trust us.

When speaking with a customer or a colleague – be respectful. LISTEN. Try not to interrupt.

Care Enough

Quality is the result when you care enough to “make sure it’s right”, close the deal, or ensure the customer experience is good.

Excellent Service is the Only Kind!

What kind of customer service do you expect?

Strive for Operational Excellence

This is accomplished by developing, following and fine-tuning policies and procedures to ensure high-quality, timely results.

Help each other succeed by doing the very best job you can.

Embrace Growth & Innovation

There’s always room for improvement and we should never strive to “get comfortable” in our day to day routines. Innovation and improvement are the way forward.

We’re not here to develop every idea we have or implement every request. Innovation is only successful when in conjunction with the ability to deliver the result to a market that exists.

Hard Work & Cooperation (Without Forgetting to Have Fun)

We’re not here to mark the time between 8 and 5. Our customers deserve our best effort, your coworkers deserve your best effort, just as you deserve the best effort of your coworkers.

This can all be accomplished while toasting victories, dressing up, field trips, celebrating birthdays and other good excuses to eat cake!

Love What You Do

If you don’t, you owe it to yourself to ask why.

Be Humble

Humility is not being weak or indecisive. Receive feedback and turn criticism into a plan for growth and development.

We all need assistance from someone at some time and people quickly figure out who is dedicated to helping them succeed vs. scrambling for personal success or looking for an easy way out.